" Thank you for taking such good care of our babies, Gizmo, Fluffy
and Scooby-Do. Chris H. "

" Thanks so much for working with my dog Mazor on getting him to allow me to cut his nails.  It is a joy now to give him a "pedicure"  myself. Holly M."

" Taylor always drags me in the front door. I know he must love it there.
Cindy G. , Salem "

"My two dogs, age 7 and 2, stayed at Catawba Country Kennel for 5 days in August while I visited with friends nearby. The kennels were very clean and air conditioned - a real plus during the summer in Virginia. The staff were friendly and helpful and gave me a guided tour of the kennels and answered all my questions about the care that my dogs would receive during their stay. The dogs appeared to enjoy their stay and I enjoyed my visit knowing that my dogs were well looked after. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this kennel to friends. Margot N. , Canada "

" Your grooming services in the Dog Spa are the best! I love picking up Angel when she is all sweet smelling and fluffy. Thanks. Joan R. , Salem "

" My girls Trinity, Tequila and Rosie always look show ready after being groomed at your Dog Spa! Karen M. , Roanoke "

" We have been using Catawba Country Kennels for at least 6 years. They treat ours two Boarder Collie mix dogs lile family. Our dogs love staying there. We think that the grooming done after each stay is the best we have found. You will be glad you use there service, just like we are. Lyn N. , Roanoke, VA "

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